Hi…I’m Devin, a product designer passionate about impacting people at their core. 
I solve the problems that are beyond the surface through deep listening research, 
visual and interaction design, and coaching. Here’s what sets me apart:
Empathy Based Research
I bring the heart into UX research methods, because deep empathy is the only way to get to the core of any human problem.
Watch how empathy became part of my life.
Coaching & Development
Nothing is more fulfilling to me than discovering the exceptional in people and helping them demonstrate and increase the value they provide.
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Strong Team Building
I build a team culture where people feel safe, where they learn from 
one another’s strengths, and are rewarded for being real.
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I believe that stunning design and simplicity in interaction enables software to form an emotional connection.
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Recent Work
A few projects I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to.
my values and Beliefs
Knowing what's important to someone helps you understand why they do what they do. These are the values and principles that make me tick. Welcome to my beating heart…step on in.
Empathy can be increased when you realize you can learn something new from literally every person you meet.
Don’t skip discovery. We are often so excited about validating our own ideas, that we miss the chance to learn the real problems users are dealing with.
The key is to view conflict as essential, because that’s how we know the best ideas will be tested and survive. Conflict is frequent, when candor is safe.
Be authentic in your communication. Embrace what you feel and share it— especially when it comes to moments of recognition and gratitude.
We not me. Collaboration will always yield a better result than what could be accomplished alone. I seek feedback often to gain new perspectives.
You have to go first with vulnerability. It will nearly always be reciprocated. But even if it’s not, it just always feels better to know you were real.
Care a whole awful lot!
I spoke recently about a topic that means an awful lot to me—helping managers lead with empathy. Being more authentic at work has such a lasting impact on the lives of the people we spend 75% of our week with. Embracing who you are will most certainly impact others. But the real upside, is that you'll come out a little better on the other end too. How has leading with empathy impacted your experience at work?
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Kind Words
I’m grateful for the people that have influenced my life.  Here are a few kind words that have been shared with me over the years. Grab a box of tissues. It gets real.
Thanks for dropping by. Please reach out if I can be of any help.